Global Strategy Forum Launch of ‘Farewell to Drift: A New Foreign Policy for a Network World’ – Monday 4th October 2010 (click here to download pamphlet)

Lord Lothian PC DL QC
Chairman – Global Strategy Forum

Global Strategy Forum launched a new paper by Michael Ancram, GSF’s Chairman, at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham on 4th October 2010. ‘Farewell to Drift: A New Foreign Policy for a Network World’ argues the case for a coherent foreign policy which serves Britain’s national interests in world where power and influence is increasingly wielded through networks rather than blocs and where ‘team leadership is giving way to team cooperation’. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Peter Oborne described Michael Ancram’s ideas as ‘strikingly counter-intuitive’, in particular, the suggestion that the Commonwealth should play a much more central and comprehensive role in British foreign policy, with a dedicated minister for the Commonwealth as for the EU and with its headquarters relocated in due to course to India. The pamphlet can be downloaded by clicking the link above and Peter Oborne’s article can be found by following this link:

Click here to download this article

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