About Global Strategy Forum

Global Strategy Forum was founded by Lord Lothian (then the Rt Hon Michael Ancram MP) and Johan Eliasch in 2006 to generate open debate and discussion on key foreign affairs, defence and international security issues. As an independent, non-party political, non-ideological organisation, GSF provides a platform to explore some of the more challenging and contentious aspects of UK foreign policy and to stimulate imaginative ideas and innovative thinking in a rapidly changing global landscape.

In accordance with our founding remit, we aim to bring together those with a strong interest in international affairs and to offer them the opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas, and to engage in informed debate. Through our publications and our website, we enable their expertise to be disseminated widely.

Michael Ancram delivered the Forum’s inaugural lecture in May 2006, entitled ‘A Fork In The Road – Sorting Out The UK’s Defence Policy Debacle’.  Since then, we have held a very successful series of lunchtime lectures and debate in which we encourage bold, provocative and challenging thinking from our keynote speakers and lively debate from the invited audience during the ensuing Q&A session.

Our core activity consists of our regular lunchtime lecture and debate series on topical issues. For more in-depth discussion of specific topics, we host seminars in the House of Lords. We also hold small roundtable lunches and dinners on key issues of the day. Separately, as well as our annual compendium of lectures and the publication of the proceedings of our seminars, we publish an occasional series of monographs as well as collections of essays and articles by distinguished experts.

We are supported by a strong and active Advisory Board of MPs, Peers and experienced foreign and defence policy practitioners.

For our contact details, our Advisory Board membership, and details on how to support GSF, please see the links above.