NEW: GSF opinion piece by General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE: ‘The Surveillance Pandemic’

We are delighted to publish the second in our series of expert comment and analysis. As always, the views expressed are those of the author and not of GSF unless otherwise stated. The full version of General Sir Richard Barrons’ article is now available to download: The Surveillance Pandemic

One thought on “NEW: GSF opinion piece by General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE: ‘The Surveillance Pandemic’

  1. I find both your pieces on this website interesting, perceptive and very relevant.

    I suspect you are introducing the need for review and updating of the Biological Warfare Convention to align it with today’s hazards.

    Projects like the 1000 Genome Project and the Million Genome Project allow for the profiling of national populations and the identification of Reference Genomes for different Parts of the World. Any country that can find an agent that can distinguish between the Genotypes of different races will be tempted to use it to eliminate people based on colour, race or other Phenotypes.

    It is what the National Socialists in Germany wanted to do and what people promoting modern Eugenics such as the authors of “The Bell Curve” want to do. As Africa is probably going to be the most populous part of the world by 2050 there will be a temptation to maintain White Western Domination of the world.

    Worse still is the possibility raised by Marianne Talbot in one of the case studies in her “Bioethics; An Introduction”. Some hero who accidentally or by design recreates a virus for pulmonary smallpox in his garage lab and wipes out 95% of the human race. Graduate or Masters level Biotechnology would be adequate to make it happen.

    The theme is developed further in the novel “I am Pilgrim”

    Quite how we update a Global Treaty with the Chinese and the Americans at each others throats isn’t clear. Even less clear is how we would persuade ISIS Labs or one of its franchises not to implement such an agent.

    The announcement that the Americans recently spent $2 Billion on smallpox vaccine indicates that they see the threat as viable

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